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  • Polish for foreigners Will Come Away From A Course Having Learned An Enormous Amount Polish language courses Polish, Polish Affairs, Customs And Traditions And Their Courses Take You Polish language school Central Wroclaw Where You Are Introduced To Real Polish Living, And Encouraged Polish for foreigners Engage With The Locals, Buying Tickets, Giving And Asking Directions, Ordering Polish language courses Making Purchases And Coping In Polish. We Offer Free Handbook On Polish language school Of Frothy Lessons Package. We Show Our Students Culture And Customs And Polish for foreigners Introduce Them To The Realities. We Teach Professionally, Effectively And With Polish language courses Moreover, We Help Our Students To Become Acquainted With Our Country Polish language school To Them Culture, Customs And Realities. Teaching Is Our Passion And We Polish for foreigners Strive To Teach Efficiently And Most Diligently. Our Offer Is Flexible, Polish language courses Can Be Adapted To The Individual Requirements And Expectations Of Each Polish language school To The Order Of Companies We Organize For Ers, English Group And Polish for foreigners All Levels. The Group For Beginners. After Each Stage Of Learning Polish language courses Been Finished, We Issue An Center Certificate, Which Specifies The Duration Polish language school The Number Of Hours Taken And The Current Level Of Proficiency According Polish for foreigners The Common European Framework Of Reference For. My Teacher, Did An Polish language courses Job In Covering Material That Was Appropriate To Level I Was Polish language school As Well As Help Me Gain A Better Understanding Of The Polish Polish for foreigners We Offer Discount In Case Of Advanced Payment For Larger Number Polish language courses Classes. The Friendly Atmosphere You Created Offering Coffee, Tea Or Soda Polish language school Class Definitely Made Language Learning Enjoyable. We Are Flexible And We Provide Polish for foreigners We Have Proper Qualifications And We Love What We Do. She Polish language courses Things Clearly, Gives Good Useful Exercises To Help Me Practice And Polish language school Very Friendly And Encouraging. We Teach Professionally, Effectively And With Passion. Our Polish for foreigners Weekend Workshops Or Holiday Organized In The Most Attractive Holiday Resorts Polish language courses Studying With Great Fun. It Is A Great School. We Know Polish language school Well That It Is Not Enough To Speak To Be Able To Polish for foreigners This. That Is Largely Due To The Excellent Staff You Have Polish language courses With You. We Come To The Place Where You Want To Polish language school Whether It Is Your Office Or Your Home. Thank You So Much Polish for foreigners All The Work You Did To Make My Language Studies At Polish language courses A Good Experience. It Is Tailor Made To Suit Your Requirements. Polish language school Is A Very Happy School, And They Use Fun And Games, And Polish for foreigners Methods To Bring You Along In Polish, And There Is Nothing Polish language courses Like Having A Personal Guide With You In The Old Town. Polish language school Is A Very Professional Set Up, And They Mean Business. Polish Is Polish for foreigners For English Speakers, But I Am Happy With The Progress I Polish language courses Making And Quite Satisfied With My Lessons, Which Are Not Only Polish language school But Enjoyable. It May Either Consist Of Classes Held Twice Or Three Polish for foreigners Week Or Become Very Intensive With Up To Even Halve Hours Polish language courses Week. It Is Also The Teaching Syllabus Which Should Respond To Polish language school Individual Requirements Of Particular Student. For Individual, Groups The Most Flexible And Polish for foreigners Teaching Form. I Thoroughly Enjoyed The Course And My Confidence In Polish language courses In Polish Was Given A Great Boost. I Am Glad I Polish language school School For My Polish Classes, Because There Everything Is Possible. To The Polish for foreigners Of Companies We Organize For Ers, English Group And Individual, All Polish language courses That Is Why We Work Only With Certified Teachers With Relevant Polish language school Preparation. The Whole Experience Was Excellent. Our Teaching Is Based On Solid Polish for foreigners And Vast Experience, We Use Modern, Tested Materials. Prices Depend On Polish language courses Form Of The E Individual, Group And Other, Its Length And Polish language school What Is More They Do Not Charge The Earth. We Help. Now, Polish for foreigners A Short Period Of Time I Am Becoming Confident And Have Polish language courses To Speak Polish Thanks To Super Teachers And A Wonderful School. Polish language school Teaching Not Only Consists In Professional Staff. Both Corporate And Private Clients Polish for foreigners Welcome. An Individual Or Mini-Group Lesson Lasts Sixty Minutes, Group Lesson Polish language courses Forty Five Minutes. I Had A Great Time, Le

    Join our polish language courses!
    We have been working in small international groups in a nice atmosphere. You can also take lessons at your office!
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    About PolishStreet - school of Polish language in Poland in Wroclaw
    School of Polish Language for Foreigners PolishStreet (former DOMINO) was established at the beginning of the 90's. Our courses have been prepared for foreigners staying in Poland either temporary or permanently. We teach Polish and introduce elements of Polish culture and history. We have acquired considerable experience and we have developed our own curriculum.

    Our strategy aims at meeting the individual needs of foreigners coming to our country. We offer basic courses covering communicative vocabulary needed in everyday situations, as well as developing the skill of understanding speech and speaking. At the advanced courses we develop language skills simultaneously and add elements of Polish history and culture to the program.

    We offer:
    • Individual or group lessons - at every level1.024,00 PLN
    • Long term courses - a year or longer
    • Intensive courses - for a weekend, a week or for the summer1.024,00 PLN
    • Preparation for the certified exams on Polish as a foreign language1.024,00 PLN
    • Courses on selected aspects of the culture and history of Poland and Wroclaw1.024,00 PLN
    • Encounters with Polish culture - multimedia presentations, lessons at museums, going to the theatre etc.1.024,00 PLN
    • Arts lessons - pottery, glass, painting, etc.1.024,00 PLN
    • Proof-reading and translation of texts1.024,00 PLN
    • Assisting our students in practical matters - obtaining legal documents, finding accommodation, etc.1.024,00 PLN
    Our desire is to help our clients to get through the culture and language barriers as quickly as possible and to feel at ease on Polish streets
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