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About PolishStreet - school of Polish language in Poland in Wroclaw
School of Polish Language for Foreigners PolishStreet (former DOMINO) was established at the beginning of the 90's. Our courses have been prepared for foreigners staying in Poland either temporary or permanently. We teach Polish and introduce elements of Polish culture and history. We have acquired considerable experience and we have developed our own curriculum.

Our strategy aims at meeting the individual needs of foreigners coming to our country. We offer basic courses covering communicative vocabulary needed in everyday situations, as well as developing the skill of understanding speech and speaking. At the advanced courses we develop language skills simultaneously and add elements of Polish history and culture to the program.

Our team
We offer:
  • Individual or group lessons - at every level1.024,00 PLN
  • Long term courses - a year or longer
  • Intensive courses - for a weekend, a week or for the summer1.024,00 PLN
  • Preparation for the certified exams on Polish as a foreign language1.024,00 PLN
  • Courses on selected aspects of the culture and history of Poland and Wroclaw1.024,00 PLN
  • Encounters with Polish culture - multimedia presentations, lessons at museums, going to the theatre etc.1.024,00 PLN
  • Arts lessons - pottery, glass, painting, etc.1.024,00 PLN
  • Proof-reading and translation of texts1.024,00 PLN
  • Assisting our students in practical matters - obtaining legal documents, finding accommodation, etc.1.024,00 PLN
Our desire is to help our clients to get through the culture and language barriers as quickly as possible and to feel at ease on Polish streets