Opis Kursu
Nazwa kursu:September Intensive (40 classess)
Data:09.09.2024 - 27.09.2024
Godziny:18:00-20:00 18:00-20:00 18:00-20:00
Miejsce:PolishStreet, ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 9, 50-077 Wrocław
Cena:1.200,00 PLN
Evening classes makes the course available especially for those who work during the day and could find time to study only after their work or just prefere a shorter course.
The price includes:
  • 3 week-long course everyday from Monday to Friday for 1x120 minutes (40 classes per 45 min in total) in the afternoon
  • One meeting on Saturday,September 14th with sightseeing in The Four Temples District - The Jewish White Stork Synagogue or other historic monuments with an English speaking guide
  • Polish movie afternoon on Saturday September, 16th (2 hours)
  • Conversation club in a cafe at the last day of the course
  • All copies and materials
  • File with the map of Wrocław and the most important information about our city e.g. restaurants, hostels, museums, movies and events
  • Cold and hot bevereges in the classroom
  • Our students receive certificates of the course completion
In case of the student's delay, absence or resignation we do not return money back
The courses are dedicated for all the levels. Please register and solve the placement test.
Very comfortable - up to 6 people. The courses start with minimum of 2 students.
Registration and Prepayment
Registration and the prepayment of 500,00 PLN.
All our teachers are qualified and trained with an experience in teaching Polish language in comunicative methods.
While finish the first level a student should be able to:
  • introduce themself and ask about it another person (name, nationality, home address, occupation, age)
  • say how they are and ask about it another person
  • do shopping (using the names of food/ basical phrases e.g. Can I have...? How much is it? That's all)
  • order food in a restaurant
  • order coffee or tea in a cafeshop
  • use cardinal numbers from 0 upto 1000
  • use ordinal numbers from 1 upto 24 (needed for Time Telling)
  • use time expression, e.g. What time is it? At what time?, days of the week, months
  • use verbs in indicative and question constructios in the Prsent Tens (imperfective aspect)
  • use verbs in indicative and question constructios in the Past Tens (imperfective aspect)
  • apply the Nomative, Instrumental and Accusative forms in the conversations and texts etc.
Other levels have program according with the program of The Ministry of Education on Polish language as a foreign language.
We help with the accomodation in Wrocław.
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