Polish classes - Teaching process
In the teaching process we use the communicative method facilitating quick acquisition of two skills: the understanding of the spoken language and speaking.
We also use methods for the acquisition of systematic knowledge of grammar.
For the greater effectiveness instructions and explanations can be given in English or German.

During the lessons or in additional time, we organize workshops, trips, meetings with interesting people, and taking part in cultural events.

Our strategy aims at meeting the individual needs of foreigners coming to our country. We offer basic courses covering communicative vocabulary needed in everyday situations, as well as developing the skill of understanding speech and speaking. At the advanced courses we develop language skills simultaneously and add elements of Polish history and culture to the program.

We offer:
  • Individual or group lessons at every level
  • Long term courses - a year or longer
  • Intensive courses - for a weekend, a week or for the summer
  • Preparation for the certified exams on Polish as a foreign language
  • Courses on selected aspects of the culture and history of Poland and Wrocław
  • Encounters with Polish culture – multimedia presentations, lessons at museums, going to the theatre etc.
  • Arts lessons - pottery, glass, painting,etc.
  • Proof-reading and translation of texts
  • Assisting our students in practical matters like obtaining legal documents, finding accommodation, etc.