The group for beginners. To the order of companies we organize for ers, English group and individual, all levels. We teach professionally, effectively and with passion. We have proper qualifications and we love what we do. We save your time. We come to the place where you want to learn whether it is your office or your home. We are flexible and we provide tailor-made. Once we find out what your needs are we design syllabus and choose appropriate educational materials. We help. We not only teach the. We show our students culture and customs and we introduce them to the realities. We travel. Our off-site weekend workshops or holiday organized in the most attractive holiday resorts combine studying with great fun. We are proud of our students successes when they order dinner in restaurant or make presentation in at their work. Let us meet after hours having fun is just as important as working. Teaching is our passion and we always strive to teach efficiently and most diligently. Our teaching is based on solid knowledge and vast experience, we use modern, tested materials. We know very well that it is not enough to speak to be able to teach this. That is why we work only with certified teachers with relevant professional preparation. they either studied at the Postgraduate College of Teaching as or graduated from Philology Faculty majoring in teaching. Successful teaching not only consists in professional staff. It is also the teaching syllabus which should respond to the individual requirements of particular student. Prior to the commencement of the e we always assess the level of the students competencies, then we devise plan and choose appropriate educational materials. We strongly encourage our students to take the state certificate exam in as and we diligently prepare them to it. It is our priority that the talk as soon as possible, therefore we emphasize the communication approach in our teaching. We also attach great importance to proper pronunciation. Moreover, we help our students to become acquainted with our country explaining to them culture, customs and realities. also organizes for people, the may be individual and in groups, on all levels. After each stage of learning has been finished, we issue an Center certificate, which specifies the duration of the number of hours taken and the current level of proficiency according to The Common European Framework of Reference for. Teaching forms: individual or group, holiday camps, intensive holiday, weekends, Center offers in as many different forms: all year through we conduct individual and group plus weekend off-sites with but we also give intensive holiday and camps for children and teenagers. We organize for people. Both corporate and private clients are welcome. The effectiveness of learning is most important to us. We are really anxious to hear our students use the they learn on everyday basis. But we also care for nice, friendly atmosphere during classes. Prices depend on the form of the e individual, group and other, its length and intensity. Each order will be priced individually. we offer discount in case of advanced payment for larger number of classes. An individual or mini-group lesson lasts sixty minutes, group lesson is forty five minutes. One lesson price from sixty. We offer free handbook on purchase of frothy lessons package. Our offer is flexible, it can be adapted to the individual requirements and expectations of each client. for individual, Groups The most flexible and comfortable teaching form. You yourself decide how long and how intensive the e should be. It may either consist of classes held twice or three times week or become very intensive with up to even halve hours a week.

When I moved to Wroclaw learning polish was top on my list of priorities. It is a great school. My teachers are efficient, helpful not only concerning learning polish but also helping me get by in my day to day life in Wroclaw, well prepared and they structure their classes around my personal needs and requirements. Now, after a short period of time I am becoming confident and have begun to speak polish thanks to super teachers and a wonderful school. Since I started taking individual classes in November, I have been Very satisfied with everything. During class I have great possibilities to ask questions of every kind regarding polish language and culture. The level of teaching I well adopted to my own level and there is a good mix between different kinds of exercises. I am very happy with my polish teacher at school. She explains things clearly, gives good useful exercises to help me practice and is very friendly and encouraging. Polish is hard for English speakers, but I am happy with the progress I am making and quite satisfied with my lessons, which are not only useful but enjoyable. Thank you so much for all the work you did to make my language studies at school a good experience. The friendly atmosphere you created offering coffee, tea or soda before class definitely made language learning enjoyable. It was always fun to hang around afterwards and practice a little more conversation. My teacher, did an excellent job in covering material that was appropriate to level I was at as well as help me gain a better understanding of the Polish culture. Even though the language is very difficult, I feel I have experienced significant improvement while at school. That is largely due to the excellent staff you have working with you. I am glad I joined school for my Polish classes, because there everything is possible. The classes are very individually focussed and flexible. I had a great time, learned a lot and thanks to school I made some new friends in Wroclaw. Learning Polish at school was great: I had a very competent and friendly teacher and the group was brilliant. Despite Polish being such a difficult language to learn, we made great progress in just a couple of weeks and we still managed to enjoy each and every lesson, mainly thanks to our dedicated teacher. They offer a wide range of courses in Polish, and are completely flexible about the program. It is tailor made to suit your requirements. So if you only have a few days, or even perhaps one day, they will arrange a set of lessons for you in Polish, to suit your available time, and level of ability. They are patient and understanding, and gently encourage you to be confident in Polish. This is a very professional set up, and they mean business. You will come away from a course having learned an enormous amount about Polish, Polish affairs, customs and traditions and their courses take you round central Wroclaw where you are introduced to real Polish living, and encouraged to engage with the locals, buying tickets, giving and asking directions, ordering meals, making purchases and coping in Polish. The team will assess your level of ability,and will provide every encouragement to be fluent. What is more they do not charge the earth. I survived a four day course in which I concentrated on my weaknesses dates, times and numbers. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and my confidence in communicating in Polish was given a great boost. It is a very happy school, and they use fun and games, and novel methods to bring you along in Polish, and there is nothing quite like having a personal guide with you in the old town. The whole experience was excellent. I hope to come next year.