Polish as a foreign language courses teachers
Our teachers are qualified to teach Polish as a Second Language and have experience in doing so.
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Meet some of our Teachers...


Ewa Widera
With a great pleasure I am leading a Polish language school for foreigners.

I love working with both teachers - such as developing course plans, programs, and teaching itself.

Each class is a unique adventure for me because of the international and cultural nature of our work.

Patrycja Sochiera
A teacher at Polish Street since 2013.
Teaching Polish is her passion. She willingly uses new materials, and no lesson takes place without games and activities. She treats her students as friends.

She understands that Polish language is a challenge, therefore she always tries to find the most effective method of learning for everyone.

She loves nature and is an active scout instructor. In addition, she is passionate about ballet and loves delicious food.



Aleksandra Furtak
Polish philologist and clinical speech therapist. Working in PolishStreet from the beginning of 2017.

She loves teaching (but also studying as well), but hates being bored during her own lessons, so she always tries to keep her classes as effective and interesting as possible.

She watches thrillers, reads books and cooks italian cuisine in her spare time :)

Patrycja Terelak
Polish philologist and clinical speech therapist.
She works with both adults and children. The most important thing for her is a nice atmosphere at the lesson, conducive to learning.
She cares for good contact with students and tries to answer even the most difficult questions :)

In her free time she reads books, visits the Zoo Wrocław and works on her PhD



Julia Pilarska
I am Julia. I graduate polish philology on University of Wrocław, because this language is my huge passion.
When I was evolving my linguistic interests I found out what I want to do in my life. The answer was: I want to teach polish … as a foreign language.

In a free time I like to travel and in new places I adore to get to know foreign cultures. I have this luck, that since 2016 I can satisfy my curiosity in my work, by teaching people from the whole world. I like to laugh and I think, that the best method for learning is good fun. Wherefore on my classes I take advantage of games which are practical use of polish language.

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